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  • Member: E-Ko
  • Title: G Gundam Fighter
  • Premiered: 2002-08-08
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  • Song:
    • Yoko Ishida Song of the Victory (Para Para Max 1 OST)
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  • Comments: Created in 2002 for the Ani-Para Max Project. Much like the Dance Dance Revolution collaboration, the idea behind the project was that each editor select a track and make an AMV using their selected track. Unlike the DDR colaboration, editors participating in APM had to use video footage of the anime from which their assigned track had originated. For example, if ones track was "Cruel Angel Thesis", the had to use video footage from Evangelion. If their track was "Tank", the had to use Cowboy bebop. If their track was "Just Communication", they had to use Gundam Wing. Etc.

    Song of the Victory came from G Gundam. At the time, G Gundam wasn't available in North America. However, a local video store had Japanese VHS copies of the show. As such, I decided to steop up and fill the void.

    Prior to renting the videos, I had never seen the show. Since I don't understand Japanese, I didn't understand the show (to this day, I still don't understand what was going on). However, I did notice the following:

    1. The show featured a large, multinational cast.
    2. The show featured a diverse array of distict mobil suits, many, reflecting their countries of origin
    3. Playing card symbols were significant.
    4. The show had a lot of hand-to-hand, martial arts influenced mobil suit battles - many of which
    taking place in organized tournaments.

    These aspects of G Gundam gave me an idea.

    Frequently, editors who participate on collaborations like this incorporate video game motifs in their videos (DDR arrows are featured prominently in many of the DDR AMV's). In an attempt to do something similar-yet-different, I decided I would try to make this video look like a fighting game demonstration - similar to Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Street Fighter type games. I designed menu screens, character select screens, play modes, life bars, timers, and even a power-up system based on playing cards (it plays out like a game of poker - each player is dealt five cards. Once each second the player selects one card to exchange for a new one. When they have a good hand, they cash it in for powerups - the better the hand, the better the powerups).

    Even after temporally filtering the video, it didn't compress well. I think the intricate details and frequent scene cuts prevented the fideo from efficiently compressing to a smaller file size.

    Watching the video for the first time in three years, there are many things I like and don't like about it. Here's a limited list:

    Like: The idea of making a fighting anime look like a fighting game

    Dislike: The idea of making an AMV using music from the same series that video footage is
    from (parsonal taste).

    Dislike: The videos a bit too busy. Maybe taking a few play modes out and simplfying it wald
    make it seem less gaudy. Then again, the song is pretty busy to...

    Selected Nitpick:

    Like: The center of the character select screen. It's set up to look like a coliseum, which works
    particularly well.

    Dislike: The color of some of the fonts used in the character select screen. Dark blue on dark
    green is difficult to read.

    After submitting the video to the project, I received notification that it was received. Since then, I haven't heard a word. I suspect that the project is defunct.

    Now that G Gundam is available in the US, I could redo the video using DVD footage. But I don't think I will. G Gundam's an OK show, but there's two or three hundered other shows that I like better. I'll spare you the list.

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