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  • Member: TheNanashi
  • Studio: Nanashi Studios
  • Title: Apathy's Taken Hold
  • Premiered: 2005-04-16
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    • Radiohead Street Spirit (Fade Out)
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  • Comments: I have been meaning to upload this video since it was shown at Jacon this year.

    I'm extremely pleased with the way it turned out. With everything that I truly wanted to do with this video done and out of the way I think I'm ready to post it here.

    This video was done using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects 6.0. I would say this video took about a month to make. All of the Bebop was already on my hard drive from my last video and the on

    As with all my videos so far I've tried to do something different and expressive of who I am. This video takes Cowboy Bebop and Radiohead and merges them together to tell a story about Spike, myself, and apathy. Hence the title.

    What I really want to get across with this video is that sense that inside we have this apathetic spirit lingering and the fight we have with it. The song I used, Radiohead's "Street Spirit", is probably one of the most depressing songs I've ever heard and this theme of fading out is so readily apparent in my life and Spike's life. I felt the song to be perfect with the thoughts and feelings I was trying to express. While I don't believe I am a depressed person by any means, I do believe that I get apathetic towards situations quite easily. It's in this video where I wanted to show that conflict.

    I used actual video clips from Radiohead's "Street Spirit" video. Essentially Radiohead is the antagoist in the story, the band is playing against Spike, basically telling him their song, like, if you don't break this cycle you will fade out.

    This video is not really crowd friendly, I know this. It's not designed to be. It's a bit on the slow side and you kinda have to be the mood to really watch this video. The basic editing that was done is very simplistic, lots of fade to blacks and disolves to slow the video and bring the overall feeling that it's ending slowly. The only really intensive editing was the stuff done in after effects like the colors and the compositing. Even I didn't like watching this video at times, especially at a convention. It just didn't fit my mood at the time. But then it hits at those times when it's late, tired, and by yourself watching an AMV. It's just that type of video to me anyway. Of course being the creator, I see more in this video than most, but I can only hope I conveyed what I was trying to say.

    You will notice that there are color effects in the video. I like color, and I like playing with the color in my videos. I feel that it's a great and easy way to create a mood or atmosphere. I used the "Sin City" approach in this one and I wanted certain things to stand out in certain scenes. Spikes eyes, the blues, the couch, etc. I think it turned out rather well. Though with this Xvid version of the video, some of the color information was being lost when depcompressing down from Huffyuv.

    This video has been interesting to make. It's been fun, it's been tedious, and it's been down right frustrating at times. But I am content with the finished product and I hope you are entertained by it.

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