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  • Member: TheNanashi
  • Studio: Nanashi Studios
  • Title: The Organ Breakdown
  • Premiered: 2002-06-01
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  • Songs:
    • DJ Shadow Organ Donor
    • Radiohead Hunting Bears
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    This is my newest video...not anymore........

    The video was inspired by a poem I wrote and is based around the poem. There will be 2 different versions of the video...the short one...and the long one. The short one was sent to JACON and is the one i'll be putting online for now. I don't think i will put the long one on the net, unless I feel a need to.

    here is the poem in the video, its titled "My Blank Mind"

    ---- Have you ever let go.
    I mean just let yourself go, completely, unhinged, bursting the internal juices.
    Pouring forth your life and emotion,
    Time and devotion,
    Searing the notion,
    Clearing all the commotion.
    Lying dead and open.
    "I don't think so..."
    I let go once.
    "what happened..."
    Terrified by what I saw.
    What I saw terrified me.
    Peered into the depths of my soul.
    I witnessed myself,
    Lose control.
    One thing Ive always known about me,
    Is that I must remain vigilant.
    Fighting with the torment.
    If not I lose everything.
    For my body is consumed with fear,
    Fear that I lose control.
    And become this bleak hole
    My mind.
    My body.
    My soul.
    I keep them passive with an inward thrust,
    Do you understand that I might just,
    Neatly, completely combust.
    Ending with a gentle wind carrying my dust.

    I still care, believe, and trust,
    The fact that, I must, control this lust.

    I am controlling me and who I am.
    Tell me I am in control.
    "Your in control." ----

    This is the full poem i wrote and if you have seen the video you will notice that the last two segments of the poem are not in the video, I made the video has a way to express the poem in video form but also has an extension of what i wrote.

    It took awhile to make due to me really, I had made 2 other videos before this, but I trashed them because they had no direction and no concept, thus none of my emotion was into the video. This video came about when i finally got a concept and the right emotion all together so i stuck with it.
    Anyway I like this video more than anything else ive done because its true expression and it says what I want it to say, also I made this video for me alone and I don't care if its crowd unfriendly.
    I had fun making it, not really fun, just a better experience.

    *Best Instrumental Winner at Martyr Productions 2002 Summer Online Contest*

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