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  • Member: Tormentor
  • Title: Voyeurism
  • Premiered: 2005-08-03
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    • Judas Priest Breaking the Law
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  • Comments: My concept was to express the parody of the combination of the series with the song. The series itself is based on a lot of echi and peeping scenes. In combination with the song I tried to explain the situation of the three guys. I don't want anybody to think of this video as an expression of my personal opinion (download it and you will see what I mean). Although I build the video not based on the story or even the main characters(they hardly appear) it wasn't difficult. The series itself is about an allboys school that is going to become a mixed school, same as an allgirls school. In order to manage the change better the schools have an exchange and some girls come to visit the boy's scholl. I don't think I need to write about the consequences. With the last scenes I wanted to express the breaking of a taboo synced to the refrain.

    I came to build the video during a part of my summer holidays (4days) while I was suffering of total boredom. I used this concept because I have got a lot of better ones I want to finish using better programseffects etc. For the ones who are interested. I will upload another video of mine after the connichi con 2005. So far so good enjoy it.

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