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  • Member: Froilan
  • Title: Final FANTASY x-2 Trailer - See who I am
  • Premiered: 2005-08-11
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  • Songs:
    • Jared Hudson Final_Fantasy_10_The_Final_Summoning_OC_ReMix
    • whithin temptation See Who I Am
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  • Comments: Well, this is my newest video.

    My dad bought Within Temptations new album "The Silent Force", and while I was listening through the songs, I found See who I am.
    Now, the song itself isnīt really an trailer song, but the intro sure is, so I clipped that out of the song and started making a trailer for FFX-2.

    The intro song (before the REAL trailer), is a song that I found on the internet.
    Sort of a mix between The hymn of the fayth in FFX (the song you hear in the temples) and a soundtrack from The lord of the rings.
    Now, I didnīt used the whole song, only the beginning, since the rest of the mix didnīt really fit in.

    The footage I used is mostly from "The den of woe", wich are in game cutscenes from FFX-2, where the YRPīs heads are getting screwed with.
    I also didnīt muted some of the clips, since I wanted some voiceīs in the trailer as well, and that really made the whole thing seem more alive.

    Well, actually, I like it, so, download in see for yourselves ;P
    It isnīt a big file (11MB), but the quality is EXCELLENT, so dont worry about that.

    Enjoy everyone! And sorry about my bad english ;P

    Update :::

    Hm, well, checked the vid again, and noticed something really disturbing.
    After the intro (the FFX intro), the guards from FFx-2 just somehow comes up, and with no music.. Amusing but REALLY disturbing.
    Iīve been trying to fix it, but since the fĻcked up movie maker is the program that I am working it, I cant.
    It freezes immedielaty and I cant do anything about it.
    Please try to ignore it until I can fix it.

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