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  • Member: =DarKNesS=
  • Studio: Nik & co. Productions
  • Title: Attempt to Change the Future
  • Premiered: 2005-08-10
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    • Breaking Benjamin So Cold
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  • Comments: It's finaly finished and ready to download!
    This time I used not only Movie Maker but also a program called Vegas for some effects. And for that I really thank killerwog corp for showing me this great software!
    About the AMV: DANGER! This AMV contains bloody scenes! Watch it at your own risk! :D
    (I mean it) :D (Just kidding) :D (No, really) "-_- ...
    This AMV is about two teenagers (Trunks and Gawl) living in the future, but not just any future - it's very hard and painful, full of hate and suffering. Their purpose is to change this awful future and bring everything back to normal, but due to many attempts of changing it, they are facing a horrible consequences...
    Enjoy desu! :P
    (I am not responsible for those who can faint or jump from the window after watching this).
    Just kidding :D
    No, really...

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