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  • Member: AuraSilversky
  • Title: Akabane -Is- The Sickness
  • Premiered: 2005-08-09
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  • Song:
    • Disturbed Down with the Sickness
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  • Comments: I thought this song fit Akabane better than the other ones I've done for him. I put a lot more effort into it. I think adding sound clips to the opening and ending is a fun little addiction...Akabane has so many lines that I absolutely love that I'll be good on not reusing any for some time :)

    No subtitles is good but I wish that a couple parts flowed a little better though I was happy with the overall result so I didn't want to risk playing with it too much.

    Just as a character tidbit, the name Akabane was actually taken from the name of a fairly horrible virus and therefore I thought the song fit him even better ;) he really -is- the sickness. Hope you enjoy it and send me some comments :)

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