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  • Member: sasuke2468
  • Studio: "Leave a F***** opinion!!!" studio
  • Title: Haku's video
  • Premiered: 2005-08-06
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    • Korn & Remstein Freak on a leash
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  • Comments: yay! after my long break from my "series" of tributes to naruto characters i bring a haku vid to u! yay! this video is obviously a tribute to haku.... haha blonde moment of the day! (sorry to all blondes i don't mean it offensivly! i love blondes hahaha that's y i tease them nahahahahha) I hope u guyz will give this video a shot it has NO SUBS!!!! yay! this vid took me at leaste 20-25 hours..... i lost count wen there was a blackout and i had to do half of it over again! T_T i hope u guyz giv this vid a chance and enjjoy! opinions are greatly opreciated but if ur the type to give str8 1's to a vid that deservs more don't k? kewl ^_^ enjoy!!!!

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