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  • Member: older_gohan
  • Title: The Last Original
  • Premiered: 2005-08-06
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    • John Williams Duel of the Fates
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  • Comments: Ok, you ever been sitting around looking at a new anime and think to yourself? Damn this anime rules. I have to make a video to this. That's how it happened. I ran into this anime at EB games in teh used section for about 13 bucks. I bought it and decided I had to watch it. So i took the video home watched through it all and decided there must be a vid made by this. However for me I have to go through a rather painfull process of making this video.

    I don't have a DVD ripper so I use my friends. It was my first time using one so the quality ended up half as good as I wanted. Then I used windows movie maker to try and peice these random clips together.

    The hardest part for me was choosing the song. After looking at the anime and watching it porbably ten times through I decided that something contemporary was not for this anime. Even though it is about vampires and such and it was amde to look modern I had to go with something that fit. So I looked up other AMV's to get ideas on how to make this video. Eventually after looking hard enough and listening to well over a hundred songs I came across one that struck me as one that would fit. John Williams - Duel of the Fates.

    Yes I know it was over used but it seemed to go so well I had to do it. Even though Saya isn't fighting just one vampie (Though she does fight one through most of the movie) the idea was that she was fighting for humanity. Not to mention the sword fighting, deaths, and general demeanor fit well to the video. So i had the wong, a general story board to the video, and a idea that hopefully would work.

    Off I went to make it. The ripper took a day to do, also the converter took a while as well. I had to conver the video from AVI to MPEG to make it easier to use. Then the process of organizing the right clips took another day. Timing, and editing took yet another day or so. All in all I spent two weeks getting this video ready and then making it.

    This was the longest I took on any one of my music videos thus far. Out of all of my videos this one has been one of my favorites because the action never dies and the video seems to make me want to see it again.

    I wont post the words because they are latin and no one would understand them. At least most wouldn't.

    I hope you enjoy this Music Video to the great anime movie known as 'Blood: The Last Vampire'

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