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  • Member: Pink Mushroom
  • Studio: Steel Wolf Studios
  • Title: Pirates of the Grand Line - The Curse of the Merry Go
  • Premiered: 2005-08-05
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    • Pirates of The Caribbean Theatrical Trailer
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  • Comments: I actually thought this video was going to take forever, but it only took about 3 days. I was a little nervous because i had never done any "proffessional" lip sync before. Well, it didn't come out to be "proffessional" but it still came out pretty good. I tried my hardest not to put any sudtitled clips in it. You might see a flash of it once or twice though. Some clips I put on and they went perfectley with the music. The characters I put them as were based completley on their genders or of their recongnition in the series.
    Will Turner - Monkey D. luffy
    Elizabeth Swann - Nami
    Jack Sparrow - Ronoa Zolo
    Captian Barbosa - The Sandman
    Norrington - Sanji
    i really didn't know who Usopp was, but he need to be in it somewhere and it was just the next random person i heard speak. Come to think of it i didn't use Chopper alot either. Oh well. My favorite thing about this video was Zolo playing the part of Sparrow. I don't know why but i when i asked myself "Who's gonna play Sparrow's part?" i immediately thought of him. heh. Another one of my favorite parts was when the fight music starts playing for the first time and the "WANTED" signs start popping up. That part came out better than i thought. This has actually got me pretty hooked on making trailer videos now. Well, I hope you enjoy this video as much as i enjoyed making it. Hey! Maybe if you give me some opinions, Shanks will give you your very own straw hat!^^

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