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  • Member: Yogurtron
  • Title: Daemon's Beneath My Skin
  • Premiered: 2002-03-25
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    • Linkin Park Papercut
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Ahh... this is my beloved fourth Music Video. I was starved for an idea. I wanted to "Down With The Sickness" to Reboot, in relation to Daemon, but I couldn't because that one already existed. I could have, but that would be kind of mean to the original creator. Anyway, when I heard about a "face beneath my skin" from this song, I decided that it just had to work. This job was a quick one, about 2-3 weeks to make it, which is quick for me, being considerably new to music video creation. I appologize for using probably the most common song for a music video, but I didn't look around the net to see that it was so overused. I still think it worked out pretty well though. I particularly like the intro, the part with Turbo being re-infected, and being cured, the targetting of AndrAIa, infection of the entire net, my little side-by-side view of Bob and Daemon, and Matrix's cure. Nonetheless, this was a pretty decent video, despite the fact that I've found out I used an already overused song.

    Please give me opinions about my videos. It helps me make my videos better and better ^_^

    ***New 9/06/04***
    The new version is complete, just messing with giving it a bumper and whatnot. However, I still don't have hosting for it, so you'll have to speak to me directly for obtaining it.

    ***New 8/29/04***
    Greetings, I'm currently redoing this video with better source (audio and video), slight modifications to the clips used will be done, but this is mostly to upgrade it with decent footage that does NOT show the Cartoon Network Logo on it. I've completed about 1:53 of this so far, out of the total runtime of 3:04.5 minutes. I'm rather proud of how its looking so far ^_^

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