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  • Member: nailz
  • Studio: Goat Productions
  • Title: Deadly Love
  • Premiered: 2002-05-24
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    • Smashing Pumpkins The End is the Beginning is the End
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  • Comments: If you know Waldo's server information, I'd ask you to PLEASE download it from there, as his bandwith is free ^^ ... it'll either be in Unsorted or in my directory.

    This video was my longest project by far. Lord of the Ballz probably took me a grand total of 3 months to complete, but this one, this video took me FAAAAR longer to finish, somewhere in the realm of 7 months.

    Yes, 7 months of on and off work to complete a 5 minuite and 10 second video. Why? probably because I really didn't have any kind of a set plan when I started. I just kind of let the video write itself. I dropped scenes, looked, liked, and eventually came up with a story line. I just listened to the song, figured it needed to be coupled with a very disturbing anime, and lo and behold, Wicked City made the cut.

    If you havent seen the movie, worry not. I followed a format I seem to like using by re-writing the casting. I turned a black guard into a stripper. Heh. So, it's basically a story of a man who falls in love and the jealous .. "people" who don't like the fact. You'll get it in the end.

    It was one big exprement in digital effects as well. I kind of went overboard with eye candy, though I actually learned a lot, and think many of it came out really well.

    Anyway, enough babbiling. This video was intended for Anime Norths 2002 Con in the Intermediate Catagory, but got bumped to Alternative for Extreme Violence and Graphic sex. (Any of you who've SEEN Wicked City will realise quickly I edited the hell out of it to AVOID the sexual scenes, but there ARE some sexual inuendos, just so you're warned.)

    Oh, a big thanks to all of my friends who have given their ops on this as I went - Dwmillerjr, Methical K, MexicanJR among others.

    A BIG thanks to ErMaC who helped out Technically to remove fields from transitions. Without that advice I would have scrapped the video during month 5.

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