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  • Member: Chiikaboom
  • Studio: Tsukigami Studios
  • Title: My Reality
  • Premiered: 2005-08-04
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    • Evanescence Imaginary
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  • Comments: Note: This video was taken off of the org due to legal reasons. The only way this amv is viewable is through youtube or other popular video sites. I do not have this video on my computer so please do not email me requesting a copy.

    Yes. Evanescence. This band is used SO HORRIBLY much (not like *cough*LinkinPark*cough) and some videos just used the music, not flowing to the concept of the anime whatsoever. Anyhow, Imaginary is HORRIBLY difficult to make a video to, considering lots of the lyrics are hard to match up with scenes to animes.

    For my video, I decided to make it focus on the dark sides of the shows Chobits, Chrno Crusade, Fruits Basket, and Scrapped Princess. Don't worry, all of the footage was ripped from dvds, like I had promised. (Unfortunately for Scrapped Princess, Bandai liscenced it with not to great quality, so there is lots of noise in backgrounds and whatnot)


    Like I said, this was to focus on the dark sides of the show, and the horror some characters have to live through, hence most of the lyrics match up with the clips. For Fruits Basket, this focuses on Kyo and Tohru and the last few episodes (If you HATE me putting these clips in amvs, DON'T WATCH IT FOR PETE'S SAKE!) and how the transformation of Kyo was taking a toll on Tohru's innocence, and how she realizes how horrible the Zodiac Curse is. For Chrno Crusade (it only has episodes from ep. 9 I think, so that shouldn't count as spoilers) it focuses on Joshua and him transforming into that demon.. thing... he transforms into, and partially reflects on Rosette as well, seeing her brother become a monster. For Chobits, this, of course, focuses on Chii and Hideki, and how their relationship (a mans in love with a computer... ironic..) is torn apart from Freya returning and Chii being deleted or disappearing... however you'd put it, and for Scrapped Princess, obviously would focus on Pacifica for being the Scrapped Princess and people wanting to kill her, although this was not a choice she wanted to make.

    When I ripped clips from Chobits and Fruits Basket dvds, it was pretty easy because I had all of the episodes to work with, but I have not seen all of Chrno Crusade (the ending supposedly sucks o.o) and I only had one dvd to work with, and I hadn't seen the entire series.. so, if you've seen all of Chobits and Fruits Basket, you should be able to see this vid :)

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