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  • Member: bloodyfang
  • Title: Gohan V.S. Cell Juniors
  • Premiered: 2002-05-27
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    • Linkin Park Runaway (Scrub Remix)
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  • Comments: Its one of the only videos i can get out of project form. Damn Windows Movie Maker. It pisses me off. All the good videos are stuck in project form.

    just a few suggestions.

    1. don't watch it in full screen (duh!) the vid quality i can't wait to get a dvd rom =P
    2. listening with headphones might help with the action synching a lil bit(even though there is little of it...hehe) and it will also show how pathetic this vid really is.

    I'm just proud to say that this is my only LBZ vid and taht I have broken the habit of making bad vids like this one.

    bloody - So you think i talked this vid down enough?

    Jay - No you can't convey with words on how much this sux

    bloody - but it's my first vid go easy on it.

    Jay - no it isn't it's your third crappy vid

    bloody - well I made it before i knew that DBZ vids were common

    Jay - like you didn't notice how many vids showed up when you searched for source footage on KaZaA

    bloody - well you got me there

    Jay - just face it i'm the intelligent part of your personality

    bloody - shut up jay. just shut up.

    I put it on angelfire so everyonce in a while i will let some ppl dl it. IM me one AIM or MSN and i might give you the link.

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