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  • Member: ChaosProjects
  • Studio: Chaosprojects Studios
  • Title: Azu-Fight!!
  • Premiered: 2005-08-03
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    • Fight Club Trailer
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  • Comments: Once again from the bowels of our AMV studio we bring to you today Azu-fight!! This is a project that kinda got its start about 2 years ago. Once again while messing around in the old AMV AIM chat room i was talking with another editor by he name of Metro and we were talking trailer ideas at that point..Myself I had never made a trailers but i think about that time i had made a Azumanga video. So the converstaion went abit like this:

    Chaosprojects:Well i don't know much about trailers as i have never made one.
    Metro:hmmm..well i think i want to make one.
    Chaoprojects:What you thinking about using?
    Metro:I want to use Fight Club.
    Chaosprojects:Well there are alot of action series out you can use
    Metro:I want to use a more comdey series like Azumanga Daioh
    Chaosprojects:What!! Are you insane i don't think i would be crazy enough to do that.
    Metro:Mmm..maybe your right..but i would like to see someone make a trailer to fight club using Azumanga Daioh should so do that..

    So I guess from there the idea kinda faded out but the more i thought about it i thought about which charater would play who..and the more i thought about it the more it seem to come together..but back then Azumanga had no dvd ony downloaded eps you could get so i decided i couldn't do it with out DVDs so set about trying to find a good set of DVD..but with no luck..then ADV picked up the license on Azumanga Daioh and started releasing after waiting about almost a half a year i finally got all of the disk...and worked on a couple of other Azumanga videos...Finally it came down to starting Azu-fight..and all in all it has been a fun project to work on...I learned a few IT IS HARD AS HELL TO DRAW BLOOD IN PHOTOSHOP!!! So you will have to bear with my chessy blood effects for this video...i just make fun of them like i normally do anything else i have done for the first time..I would have like to enter this video in to AWA Pro for 2005 but the timeline didn't get matched up right so i didn't complete it until after the deadline for entries...So now i will introduce our Cast:

    Chiyo Mihama..........Tyler Durdan
    Ayumu Kasuga.........Jack
    Kaorin.......................Marla Singer
    Yukari Tanizaki........Jack's Boss
    Minamo Kurosawa....Jack's Doctor

    Tomo Takino
    Koyomi Mizuhara........Other Fight Club Members

    Well i guess without furter ado since people most likely never read this stuff anyway. This is the first trailer i have ever i hope you enjoy it.

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