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  • Member: Sephiroth
  • Studio: DMRA(DuoMaxwellReiAyanamiProductions)
  • Title: Down With The Sickness
  • Premiered: 2005-05-20
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    • Richard Cheese Down with the Sickness
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  • Comments: This is the one video i dought i'll ever be able to get hosting for any time soon. As anyone knows Elfen Lied is a very bloody and gore filled anime. And unlike many of my privous vids i went all out on the shock factor with this video since it made sense given the concept.

    This video came about at the end of a very depressing time in my life. Alot of things went wrong in my life all at the same time. I honestly considered just leaving AMVs flat out since they had become alot more work then fun. And given that current atmosphere of the community in general I didn't feel like there was really anything else to do. AMVs became a very painful thing for me so i talked to a feiw people and decided to take a break while i got my head back together.

    I have decided to to leave, at least for the time being. I may leave some other day but that's not happening any time soon. I at least have a good year or two before i totally stop. Even that is up in the air though. So who knows how things are going to end up. I guess in the end i'm going to keep at this in order to make what i beleave needs to be made.

    So this video is in essance a very dark comedy, the concept came from the series itself. THe charecter of Lucy has a split personality complex. One is nice and sweat the other is a killer. So The idea was the have the overall conecpt of the song be like 2 different video. So the first part is the innocent persona it goes with the beat not the words. THe 2nd is the words which are 'down with the sickness'. In the middle, things trasition between the two personas then go back for a second twords the end.

    This video is pretty messed up and should be viewed under the correct train of thought. In the end it worked very well because i very much enjoy it and so did some of my friends which is the most important thing in this hobbie. If i ever get this up i hope that you can enjoy it also.

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