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  • Member: Sailorv3
  • Title: 30 minutes of our lives
  • Premiered: 2005-08-03
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    • TATU 30 minutes
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  • Comments: Well I must say I was extreamly inspired to make this AMV. It is by far my best work yet. I took time timing effects to the song and chooseing just the right clips and then editing them just right. I put alot of my heart into this one and I hope it shows. I used the Series Air which if you haven't seen it yet you should! Be warned there are spoiler clips in the video. I used TATU's song 30 minutes to base this amv around. It is all about how the characters in this anime had to decided what path they would follow and how this decision was always a dificult one but in the end they had to decided.

    I hope you like this one, let me know even if you don't however just because I like it so much doesn't mean that others will, I am open to all comments and criticisim. So with out any further a do here you have my amv 30 minutes of our lives I hope you like it!

    LOL well I just checked and I had acidentaly left the lip sync checked, that would explain the questions and comments about it. *blush* Thanks so much for the wonderful feedback everyone! Keep it coming :-)

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