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  • Member: StudioKZ
  • Studio: Studio KZ
  • Title: Mighty Wings
  • Premiered: 2000-08-21
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  • Song:
    • Cheap Trick Mighty Wings
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  • Comments: My third video came about as a challenge to the established trend. Everybody and their brother, it seemed, had done a fighter-jet oriented video set to the First song on the Top Gun soundtrack, Highway to the Dangerzone.

    I decided, since I have all the Macross Footage ever released at my disposal(except the Movie itself, and yes, including Mac 7 and Flashback), that I could do a better video to that song than anybody else seemed to have done up to this point. So I'm listening to the soundtrack and starting to visualize and put the video together when I start to realize that the second song on the album is often overlooked, and well.. it just fits Macross Plus better than Dangerzone.

    Over All, this video virtually put itself together, alot of moments in it just simply matched up with the music, whether it was obvious to me or not at the time, but generally speaking it wasn't really well edited.

    I find that I'm trying to tell a story in this video, as I did in my first one(Greatest American/Macrossian Hero), trying to keep the best parts of Mac Plus 'hidden' until the middle of the video, and using the first half to build up to that sudden explosion of action, while still trying to keep it interesting.


    The downloadable format that this is available in is *not* optimal... it's not even very good. Unfortunately, at the time that I created this, I was still using Avid Cinema, which has its own way of doing things, and no flexibility. The resulting file is an Apple Quicktime 3.0 format file using the Cinepak codec and running at 15 fps. ... ugh.. not gonna get high marks on that one.

    The original master for this video was lost and I won't be remaking it. I'm uploading it here for completists sake, but after that, I'm pretty much done with this video as I think I accomplished the same thing to *much* better effect in my Flight Club video. Go download that one instead.

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