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  • Member: Sailorv3
  • Title: Show Me Love!
  • Premiered: 2005-07-29
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    • T.A.T.U Show Me Love
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  • Comments: Well it has been a whille! But I have been bussy! I created a new intro for my vids which I now make under the title of Angelic Studios. Tell me what you think of it as well as this amv if you would be so kind! I also was so very inspired to make this vid that I stayed up till well into the wee hours to finish it! Such kind feedback on other vids helped a great deal in the making of this vid, and as usual I always welcome positive and negative feedback!

    Now on to the description of this video "Show Me Love!" Well incase the title wasn't evidence enough the video is about Darien and Serena and how it was difficult at times but they always managed to show each other love. I matched seens as best as I could to the music it kind of follows like a story. And be warned there are spoilers! If you are sentimental and love the romance found in Sailor Moon then this is the vid for you! I hope anyways! I thought it turned out rather good. I hope it leaves you "screaming for more!" as the song says! :-)

    If you do watch it please leave feedback I like to know what people think of the new look.

    And incase you are wondering what the amazing anime used in the intro and credits is, it is "Air" I highly recomend that series its great!

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