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  • Member: Turankusu
  • Studio: Mystic Warriors Productions
  • Title: A Monk's Inexpressions
  • Premiered: 2005-07-28
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    • MxPx The Final Slowdance
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  • Comments: This is something definetly different from my other AMV's, hehe yes your eyes do not fool you. It is actually a different anime other than DBZ. (Though honestly myself, I don't like this anime much at all.) A new twist to my project, my first non-DBZ music video and it's with InuYasha. This idea only came to mind after watching Master Gohan's video called Short & Sweet numerous times, and within weeks I thought to myself. I wanna make an AMV just like this, but the idea's already taken and no other character in DBZ has feelings like this. Then, sadly to myself I turned to InuYasha.

    Miroku definetly has feelings to go with this song especially towards the ever so obvious other female in the show Sango. The whole concept of this video, what it looks like, is that Miroku is trying his hardest to lay it out in words that he likes Sango. Once you even listen to the song you'll find out yourself. So he expresses his feelings in the most complicated, humorous ways and I think this just really sums up what I had in mind for the video.

    In comparison to Master Gohan's vid it's almost just like it, don't know if that lowers the originality but I asked him permission about this AMV and he allowed it. In fact he likes it himself. So I expect no opinions explaining the obvious. Also I tried not to make this such a very sentimental, sappy, romantic AMV since the song definetly isn't and this couple has been used to many sappy songs. I believe I did well on this couple other than fan-made AMV's. So without further to do I present to you my first non-DBZ AMV, a very good AMV, and many many thanks to:

    Athyon - For providing me the anime.
    Master Gohan - For supporting me the title for this AMV.

    **P.S. I guess I should also warn you guys that this has a few spoilers, much like you'll be seeing scenes not shown on "Adult Swim" or on DVD yet, I wouldn't know. That should bring up the anticipation anyway hm?**

    ~ Torankusu

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