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  • Member: Hotaru_Sohma
  • Studio: InuYasha Studios
  • Title: <<- - - -Together- - - ->>
  • Premiered: 2006-12-30
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    • Avril Lavigne Together
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  • Comments: This is my 1st video but also probably going to be my most heart-breaking (I guess you can say). It is about Kikyo and InuYasha (mostly Kikyo), and how she has fought for InuYasha. Here are the lyrics for the song.

    Together--Avril Lavigne

    Something just is'nt right
    I can feel inside
    The truth isn't far behind me
    You cant denie
    When I turn the lights out
    When I close my eyes
    Reality overcomes me
    I'm living a lie

    When I'm alone I
    Feel so much better
    And when I'm around you
    I dont feel al---
    (Together) It dosen't feel right at all
    (Together) Together we've built a wall
    (Together) Holding hands we'll fall (Hands we'll fall. . .)

    This has gone on so long
    I realize that I need
    Something good to relie on
    Something for me

    (Chorus) x2

    My heart is broken
    I'm lying here
    My thought are choking
    On you my dear
    On you my dear
    On you my dear. . . . .

    (Chorus) x2

    When I'm around you
    When I'm around you
    I don't feel together
    I don't feel together no

    Together. . . . . . .

    Their they are. I hope you like my music video.

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