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  • Member: DaCoolGohan
  • Studio: Cryptic Aura Studios
  • Title: Futures
  • Premiered: 2005-07-27
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    • Mindless Self Indulgence Futures
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  • Comments: Rock Lee Tribute, I had to do this one. I was listening to MSI the other day and Futures came up in the playlist, so I started getting ideas to do an AMV to it, first thing that came to mind was a Rock Lee video and I kept having more ideas on what to do with this song and Anime. So I finally just said I'll do it. This video took me about 2 days to finish. I do not know how long I edited it, it was probably about 15 hours, since this video is so short, but I accomplished what I wanted to with this song. I wanted to make a pretty fun video to watch as well as a parody video and to fit a little bit of the Rock Lee timeline and story in here in this short song. So for the most part I focused on how much of a badass Rock Lee is, and how he gets even better when he is drunk. Check it out, and as always, Opinions are welcome.

    I Fixed the Encode on this video, uploaded the final version of this version of the video. With 320kbps LameMP3, so check it out, more comments to come. Anything downloaded Previous of 7/28/05 was the wrong encode, so download this one. I fixed the Video and Audio Quality as well as some of the black flashes were off in the first encode and I didn't notice it when I finished it at 4 AM.

    Video Codec: XviD (FourCC DivX Decoded)
    Video Quality: 2142 kbps
    Audio Codec: LameMP3
    Audio Quality: 44100Hz 320 kbps
    Resolution: 640x480 (4:3 Fullscreen)
    Frame Rate: 23.98 fps
    File Size: 28.2 MB (or 28,939 KB or 29,634,178 bytes)

    Mindless Self Indulgence - Futures

    let me introduce myself
    let me introduce my bad self
    hundred beats per minute baby
    don't mean shit to me - to me
    this ain't no blast - this ain't no blast - this ain't no blast from the past
    future - oh oh - this ain't no blast from the past
    future - no future - your future
    my dick's the bomb - baby
    future - your future - your future
    this ain't no minute for me

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