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  • Member: Lockstock
  • Studio: Epical Studios
  • Title: On My Own
  • Premiered: 2005-07-24
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    • The Used On My Own
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    I have had the idea for this AMV for quite awhile now and due to circumstances in my life it has taken me up to this point to actually complete it the way that I wanted. The general idea of this AMV was quite different to most of my other AMVs being more of a drama-based AMV then an action AMV like I am known for. I entered it at the AVcon AMV competition along with my "Ashita" AMV which won best action. This AMV came a close 2nd to the best drama entry, also from epical studios (“Not Enough” by Elisabeth) and I was fairly happy with that. The song is somewhat shorter then normal with the AMV only lasting 3 minutes. However I believe I achieved the mood that I was aiming for. Drama isn't my Forte' however it is good to try new things every now and again. The anime, Saikano, is a breath-taking 12 episode series that I would recommend to anyone that enjoys meaningful, depressing anime. I would have liked to include more scenes from it however due to time restrictions from the song I was only able to tell a small amount of the overall story of the two main characters. So really you could think of this as an AMV that demonstrates the themes and story behind this great anime, however in the end it does not compare to the complexity and feelings of despair that come with the actual anime. Thanks to all that download it and don’t forget to leave an opinion on our forums ( or

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