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  • Member: Caryn18
  • Studio: ~Lovely Innocences Productions~
  • Title: Between Love
  • Premiered: 2005-07-22
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  • Song:
    • Addict Teenage Angel
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  • Comments: OK I almost ripped my hair out to make this. IM a new AMV so IM trying to do better! im trying to do new things and im really really trying!!!

    This Amv is To KGNE. I tried to make the veiw point of The main guy. and how he is slipt down the middle between them.

    I tried to match with the lyrics and i really tried to make this a good amv, since i love the song. So please please leave on OP so i know what i can do to get better.

    This Idea came to me when i was watching another AMV. Which was I'll Miss You by
    DarkValo (Thank you) I just finsished watching KGNE again and i was listenin to this song ( while watching the video which i think everyone should watch if they like FF) I thought the Lyrics went great with it. so there for!!!!!!!!!! my video ^^


    Addict - Teenange Angel Lyrics

    She's in love but she doesn't know
    What she needs or how to let go.
    It feels like being married,
    She was too young to miscarry.

    She says, "Bye, bye my childhood dream man,
    I will keep in touch if I can
    Spent the best years of my life with you."

    Happens every time
    You start to lose yourself
    You turn to blame
    The one who loves you the most,
    To stay and work it out
    Is harder than to run away

    So she leaves a note
    Because to his face she couldn't say,
    "Bye, bye my teenage angel
    I don't know how the spell was broken
    I don't know what I'm doing
    But I'll miss you."

    Thank you ^^

    Ive worked very hard on this Video to try to do my best i can! IM trying ^.^

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