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  • Member: YummyGreenTea
  • Studio: Katie's Web Sight!! Productions
  • Title: I Want to be Famous
  • Premiered: 2005-07-22
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  • Song:
    • Phil Johnson (MooNiE) All My Friends are Famous
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  • Comments: PLEASE FORGIVE THE WMV RENDER! its the cleanest render possible for me.
    1. made with SONY VEGAS MOVIE STUDIO 4
    2. DVD footage ripped with DVD Decryptor and DVD2AVI


    Hi this is my first video I hope you like it, I think it sucks, and if you dont watch it the evil monkey in my closet will get you!

    its funny. you will get a kick out of it.

    it was fun making this...

    I made this on my friend Katie's copmputer and took my sweet ass time, and now since i dont want to even write this all out myself i am having her do the entry to the music video...

    ok this is JaddziaDax now... we went to wataburger, and she is playing with her guitar strings too much to really say anything about her AMV... truth be told it took her about 8-9 hours total, with alot of me pulling my hair out cause I had to teach her alot of the things with Vegas Movie Studio 4... but thats not because of her, its cause i am not very patient when it comes to teaching people technical things, so yea, asking me for advice is probably a bad thing... plus i am on vegas 4 and well i cant wait for an upgrade... when she finally got the hang of it things settled down and i could finally pass out... yay sleep!! anyways, now she is running around the living room with a Spongebob tie on talking about weird things...

    she put alot of effort into her video, and i think its really cute and about 10x better than my first videos... so either way yea, hope you all like it!

    lipsync was deffinately attempted, and mostly suceeded in my opinion, and digi effects mostly consist of transitions.

    have a good day!

    and enjoy the video!

    and amazingly she approves of this??? oooooooooooook

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