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  • Member: SpPANDA
  • Studio: Studio Project: PANDA
  • Title: Session 03 - For You...
  • Premiered: 2002-05-18
  • Categories:
  • Song:
    • Xenogears Creid Melkaba
  • Anime:
  • Comments: A video I made a while back for my
    girlfriend. It was meant to show
    her how much she means to me.
    It has a bunch of symolism in it.
    I think it's a pretty movie.


    It's an Utena movie.
    It's very artistic in my opinion.
    Nothing random.
    Just... really nice to watch.
    and the music is perfect with the
    artistic feel.


    i revamped it once,
    but there's something missing
    that i need to add to it still...

    so i'll revamp it again in the
    near future.


    The video is currently off my server.

    IM me "SpPANDAamv" and I can send it
    over AIM.


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