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  • Members: odian0, Tallest
  • Studio: Slacker Studios
  • Title: Dramatic Soup
  • Premiered: 2005-07-19
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    • E.S. Posthumus Menouthis
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  • Comments: I was at Anime Boston 2005, and i saw a video there titled "Heading For a New Century." i thought the video was great, it had great timings and fantastic effects. when i showed it to The Joe, he told me that Gungrave is not actually as dramatic as the video portrays it as. which got me to thinking, if they can make a standard anime with guns look that cool, i wonder how far i can take this concept. so i thought, and decided Cat Soup had to be one of the least dramatic anime's i have ever seen. Ever. so, after much song searching, i came upon E.S. Posthumus. and a few months later, and quite a few attempts at editing, i have come out with this AMV.

    i cut the song up, originally it was just under 4 minutes long, but since the song is so repetative i cut out the middle part for monotany sake. also, i apologise for the file size, the AMV clocks in at about 2 minutes and 11 seconds. i tried to make it smaller, but since there are two layers of video that switch more then 3 times per second, any smaller a file and it becomes blockier then the original Mario Borhters game. well, without further ado, please download it, and if you have the time, give me an opinion, or just comment to me. or even eat a piece of cake, i like cake.

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