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  • Member: Chiikaboom
  • Studio: Tsukigami Studios
  • Title: Oozora No Yume
  • Premiered: 2005-07-20
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  • Song:
    • Within Temptation Somewhere
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  • Comments: Imma so redoing this video.


    Okay, this video idea came into my head one time when I was out driving with my mom and my sister. My sister put in a cd and played this specific song, claiming she was going to use it, but for a different show, so I decided to use it for Full Moon. This video focuses completely on Mitsuki and Eichi, not much else.

    This video DOES contain spoilers, but only spoilers throughout 40 or so, ya know, the angsty stuff and horridly depressing junk. If you have seen what happens, you can download this. I suggest people who are eventually going to see the show and want to watch this, do NOT because it'll ruin the whole thing for you.

    This following paragraph contains SPOILERS from episodes 40 --> around 47 or whenever.

    If you've listened to this song, you'll understand how it goes perfectly with the anime. The plot starts out with Mitsuki becoming a singer to find Eichi, ne? So about halfway through the song, she's still searching, but then she finds out *cough*hediedinacarcrash*cough* and is like, stoned throughout most of the series, which is horribly sad :( Yeah, anyways, the video doesn't really end on a happy note, but the end of full moon is not in this video, so for people who hated it (o.O) don't have to see it.

    As for footage, I ripped the Full Moon footage from DVDs, which was hell. I got most of the clips I wanted on my computer, but on the most *cough*important*cough* parts of the series gave me an error, "Cyclic Redundancy Check". I searched google to see if I could solve the problem, but it only said it may be a hardware problem or a dirty disc, and it was definately not a dirty disc so I had to rip the remainder of the important parts on my sisters computer, which was hell to send back over to mine, considering the file size is HUGE when you rip from VirtualDubMod. I had about a total of 80 clips (quite a few I didn't use) and it took up almost 30 gb on my harddrive. I was relieved when I got it all done :) Took me about a week.

    Anyways, I really love this video and I hope you like it too. Sorry the file size is a little big. It's original size was 1 gb, and this was as little as it could go, not getting horribly pixellated. I mean, there is pixels in a few parts, but nothing that's gonna make you say "ewwww...."

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