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  • Member: Minhuit
  • Title: Go To Hell
  • Premiered: 2005-07-20
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    • Action
    • Character Profile
    • Serious
  • Song:
    • Alice Cooper Go To Hell
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  • Comments: First off I think that this video turned out great. Ive been working on the idea for about a week...listening to the song until it started to just sound like a blur. Plus it was real fun for me to make. ^.^

    Reason for the categories:
    Action - well there is action
    Character Profile - hm...hard to explain let me give an example: "steal his cane", matches Jing perfectly since he is the King of Bandits.
    Other(not really serious) - Another one hard to explain and that is why I put it as other cause I find myself lost for words to describe this 'other'. Its like the Twilight Zone - cant be explained...(I know- wtf am I thinking!?!)

    Originality: This AMV was made with multiple anime, almost impossible to find the same combination. The song I used, Alice Cooper's Go To Hell, has only been done by me.

    Visual: For this Id say certain clips could have been cleaned up a bit more and may be somewhat fuzzy/pixely.

    Sound: Yep - really good.

    Synch: I play off the lyrics all the way. Some of the beats I do get with footage change and various other things. The clips I used are the ones that I felt matched the mood of the movie and what was being said. Also based the clip choices on the character's attitude/position/take in the anime to go along with song.

    Effort/Effects: I selected the clips that I thought fit the song over several days and like I stated in synch, took time to actually make sure the clips went with the lyrics. On another note - Im a firm believer that effects do not make the AMV and so the lack off digital eye candy shouldnt be a main concern since I dont have it available to opinion on.


    First six seconds is black and that was on purpose so dont freak out/stop the movie thinking it wasnt downloaded/done/completed properly.

    NOTE: On each of the words in 'You can go to hell' I put a different anime character so you get a lot of variety.

    Anyways...further breakdown (If you want to be surprised then dont read anymore)

    00:00 - 00:58 - I had fun with samurai!

    For criminal acts and violence - Akira
    on the stage - Gravitation
    For being a brat - FK
    Refusing to act your age - FK
    For all of the decent citizens you've enraged - Fushigi Yuugi(FY)
    You can go to Hell - Various
    For gambling and drinking alcohol constantly - Cowboy Bepop(CB) and Samurai Champloo(SC)
    For making us doubt our parents authority - Saiyuki
    For choosing to be a living obscenity - FFAC
    You can go to Hell - Various
    You're something that never should have happened - Lain
    You even make your Grandma sick - Funny take on FY and Naruto
    You'd poison a blind man's dog and steal his cane - Jing
    You'd gift wrap a leper - FMA
    And mail him to your Aunt Jane - Ah MG
    You'd even force-feed a diabetic a candy cane - Kite and Naruto
    You can go to Hell - Various(FF)

    2:13 - 3:07 (instrumental) - Fun with vampires/Angels/Samurai/Vegita

    You're something that never should have happened - Chobits
    You even make your Grandma sick - CB
    For criminal acts and violence on the stage - Trigun and X
    For being a brat-------DN angel(DNA)
    Refusing to act your age - DNA
    For all of the decent citizens you've enraged - MMPPP and FMA
    You can go to Hell - Various

    3:40 - 5:00(END) - Fun with gundams/Crazy/Stalker people/Ninja/Demons/Vampires/Dark

    Credits - Yes they are long and features Limp Bizkit along with naming all the anime I used. Except for Gravitation - must have slipped my mind.

    There it is - Enjoy my wonderfully crazy anime filled AMV!

    ::Complimentary Services::

    Simple; you opinion I opinion, everyone leaves happy. ^.^

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