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  • Member: René DīAnclaude
  • Title: A puppetīs symphony
  • Premiered: 2002-05-12
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    • Zone of the enders OST Kiss Me Sunlight
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  • Comments: My second AMV.
    Actually it is the first one, where I really thought about a concept ^_^°°.
    I was kind of excited to do this one,because KEY is a very special Anime to me and after I experimented a long time with my first vid I thought that I have the skills to produce something better now.
    I concentrated a lot on the timing again, which I found to be a more essential part during the making an AMV, than I thought before.
    I also tried to imply something like a small story, although I got a bit confused here when I noticed around the first minute, that my vid was actually too close to the original storyline. Itīs got no major spoilers imo, though.
    The image my be *a little bit* pale and unstable, but you shouldnīt blame me for VIZīs faults (damn! such a great show, but such a sloppy transfer to DVD :( )
    I hope you will enjoy my Vid ^_^

    I would like to thank The IT-Class for the free hosting of my Vids, and for the excellent Service they offered me! However, they could give me the webspace only for a limited time and I donīt know how long it takes until they need the space again for their own purposes. So download fast! ;)

    The KEY-AMV is the second one in the download list.

    As announced, the download is now officially broken. Thanks again to The IT-Cllass for having hosted it such a long time. However, I will be hosting my amvs on WinMx from now on. Search for the letters RDA at the beginning of the filenames, then your chances are good, that you will find one of my vids.

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