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  • Member: Full Metal Sempai
  • Title: Listen To Your Heart,Chidori
  • Premiered: 2005-07-19
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    • Roxette Listen to Your Heart
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  • Comments: One week and a half after my exams are over...
    Four days since the release of the 1st episode of Full Metal Panic - The Second Raid...
    Two days since the Scorpions live at Karaiskaki stadium...

    Although the period from June 10 to July 7 has been a hell,the results from the exams were good and I am enjoying my holidays now.Today I'm leaving with three other friends for Limnos.

    Anyway,enough with these.This music video was something I should have completed at least one year ago when I finished for first time Full Metal Panic and Fumoffu.I have watched these series another two times since then but I never made an amv because I had the episodes in .divx and not in .avi,so it was impossible with Movie Maker 2.

    What I really liked in Full Metal Panic was the relationship beteewn Chidori and Sousuke and not the fights with the AS.It is my favorite anime couple although it is not official yet(maybe it will become in FMP - Second Raid).So,I made a romance video which has some comedy scenes at the middle(about 25 seconds) so as to show the sweet side of both Sousuke and Chidori.Chidori especially is so KAWAII(when she's not angry)!!!!!!!!!!!

    You'll find no AS,no Arbalest,no action,just romance and comedy.The song used was a decision of the moment as the whole project.I hadn't really planned this amv,since I have been learning to use Premiere and VirtualDub since the end of the exams.But I wanted to make an amv before I leave for holidays and so,here it is.I spent one day and a half to complete it and I believe it turned out well.

    Concerning technical details,I didn't put a lot of effects.Mostly,fades in from white/black and classic fades along with the brightness increase/decrease tool just to catch the rhythm of the song.Either way,a romance video doesn't need a lot of effects...
    The song used(Roxette - Listen to your heart) matches almost perfectly with the feelings of Chidori and that was the main reason for choosing it.The outro's song is Karenai Hana from the FMP series.

    Good downloads and have a nice holiday.Ja ne...

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