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  • Member: Mr Pilkington
  • Studio: Mr. Pilkington Studios
  • Title: Auska's Rage
  • Premiered: 2002-04-04
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  • Song:
    • Powderburn Now You Know
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  • Comments: OK this is the epitome of railgun. My favorite of all the AMVs I currently have under my belt. 97 someodd Meg but well worth the wait. Spoilers of doom, however eye-candy galore! Nonstop action, gratuitous violence, and Lance of Longinus! What more could one person want?


    July 12, 2003: Remastery has begun and is in full swing. As promised I took the weekend off work [**cough cough** I cant come in today. **cough cough**] just to finish this particular video. By evening I plan to have it approximately half way done.

    July 13, 2003: The remaster is moving along even more smoothly than I expected! I may have this done by the end of the evening. Last night I finished over of the clips, all I need now are the final and a little fine tuning.

    July14, 2003: Finally, every clip is in place, all I have to do is add effects and finish the timing. Its hard to believe the first version only require 4 hours editing time.
    (Evening:) Every bit of this video is complete, with the exception of one effect I've been fighting since Saturday. I can't seem to find a way to recreate the original effect in Premiere. If things don't clear up soon I may have to reinstall MainActor and finish up that way.

    July17, 2003: It's finally complete, 1:47 am Thursday July 17. This morning I got royally pissed off at Premiere not doing what I had requested, so in retaliation I dusted off my old copy of MainActor and finished the video that way. Once imported it was merely a matter of adding a "division" overlay effect. I have already received the OK, so as soon as the final export is done I will put the MPEG1 up for local download.

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