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  • Member: Mind Benda
  • Studio: Two Kings Studios
  • Title: Drug Ballad
  • Premiered: 2005-07-18
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  • Song:
    • Jimmy Hendrix Purple Haze
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Purple Haze: A particular strain of marijuana to which the bud bare a peculiar purple stripe or is purple in entirity and emmits a purple smoke when ignited. Purple Haze has 5 times the THC levels of regular marijuana.

    Accel: That egg sack to which he cut open and inspects is an actual insect egg. It is believed that the larvae of said insect secrete a hallucinogenic liquid prior to hatching. Within the body of the larvae's exoskellaton are crystals that act as stimulants to the nth degree. Just like the frogs that people used to lick to get high.

    So yeah, it's about drugs, not hard to figure out huh?

    And yes there are subtitles, but not like you think. I was working on a new intro, cause the zero thing works for BladeZeroX, but not so much for me, so I used the Destiny intro as a test run of sorts. ALSO, I was working more with Windows Movie Maker for credit making purposes only, so yeah that's why the credits are as sweet as they are.

    Technical stuff.

    This vid took me quite a while to make, because they didn't want to dance to the beat, and I spent a lot of the video making process under the influence. Which explains the lovely psychodhelic lighting.

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