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  • Member: -M_X_R-
  • Studio: -M_X_R- [PRODUCTIONS]
  • Title: Step Inside
  • Premiered: 2005-07-16
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    • Craig Armstrong End Credits
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  • Comments: My 6th video entry, and my 5th complete AMV, and my 3rd short instrumental.. ^_^ !Yaahh!

    "Step Inside" - I figured this would best describe the very instant feeling and mood for the entire AMV as a whole, specially after watching it. Also, there are certain scene's that just make you feel embraced into the world of SH2, like the very opening scene with James walking in..

    Another, and perhaps one of my long awaited short instrumental AMVs, that may or may not be my last, but certainly will be one of the very few that I try to attempt(as far as short instrumentals go..) This AMV certainly was a struggle to complete. Why? You may ask..

    For one, the footage I had to edit with was extremely rare, and in this case of Silent Hill 2, it doesn't have much to offer, but I still managed not only to finish my AMV, but I managed to get it right down to the very last detail of my initial vision, almost perfect in a sense..

    I 'm glad I took the amount of time to get it right.. approx. 13-17 hours off and on within a period of 2 months or so - for various reasons like graduation, applying for jobs, school, and what not.. Not to mention that this was the first trying to establish on how to use AE and figuring it out and what not, especially trying to force it into a video editor, try not to have more than 15-20 diff. things going on in a composition. It.. will.. get.. hectic and crazzy...!! Plus it'll get you lost in the midst of everything your trying to acomplish..

    DVD Decrypter
    Extractor 2.4
    dMC Audio CD
    Adobe Premiere 6.0
    Adobe After Effects 6.5
    Virtual Dub

    Download and enjoy.. and if possible do leave an OP please...^_^

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