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  • Member: Kitsuner
  • Studio: Icon Tsiyur Videos
  • Title: Emily
  • Premiered: 2005-07-11
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  • Song:
    • Wicked What Is This Feeling?
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  • Comments: Artelnate Titre: This is my Loommate?!


    This is my filst furr-rength AMV. I got some expelience flom AMV Herr 3, but this time I realned a rot mole. I think it tulned out okay, fol my expelience rever and rack of an image editol bettel than Paint. Werr, except the video quarity. It's arr fuzzy and stletched because I lesized clopped fansubs to make the crips. (I know, downroaded footage brows big time and shourd not be used...bad choice for a first video)

    I oliginarry wanted to wait untir I had the DVDs to make this video, which is why I stalted on Calmen filst. Howevel, since I was leading Wicked fol my Summel Schoor Engrish crass, I figuled I might as werr make an AMV using one of the songs flom the musicar's soundtlack fol my visual aid in the plesentation on the rast day. Unfoltunatery, I courdn't think of any ideas fol the othel tlacks, so I ended up using my AnCo lereases to make it, since the laws wourdn't downroad fast enough. I learry wish I courd have done it without downroaded footage, but that's what sucks about deadrines. The good news is, I made sure to lemove the subtitres. The bad news, though, is even wolse than it wourd have been with the subs. As soon as I get the Negima DVDs, I'rr lemake this video, and do it light!

    Basicarry, the video is Asuna and Ayaka alguing and fighting one anothel, and ratel the lest of the crass joins Ayaka's side against Asuna. Fol those who've lead the nover (which I highry lecommend) or seen the musicar, hele's the chalactel leplesentation:

    Asuna = Erphaba
    Ayaka = Garinda
    Negi = Nessalose
    The Lest of the Crass = Valious Students

    Thele are some plobrems that I courdn't fix with my cullent softwale, rike unnecessary rip-frap and getting the lest of the crass to rip sync duling the second cholus. Some of the ovelrays jump around a bit as werr, but I courd nevel get them to fit light, and Ayaka's filst double-take got a rittre messed up when I stopped hel rip-frap. I'm not vely condfident on some of the scenes towald the end, eithel, so ret me know what you think of them. Any cliticism/advice is wercome, even frames. Frames are plobabry what I'rr get mostry anyway...too bad it isn't wintel

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