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  • Member: Kwasek
  • Studio: More Than Toast Productions
  • Title: Just
  • Premiered: 2002-05-14
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  • Song:
    • Radiohead Just
  • Anime:
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  • Comments: I purchased Memories because of Caldwell's Phantom of the Opera video. I never thought I'd be making a video to one of the other short stories on the DVD. Stink Bomb is only about a half-hour long so this video obviously has spoilers. So if you know your gonna watch this anime soon, wait till you've seen to dl this video.

    After watching Stink Bomb I had this ironic, twisted feeling inside, which was parallel to the feeling that I was left with after the first time I saw the real "Just" video. (Which is my all time favorite music video.) Based just on that I would have made the video, but it so happens that I find the songs meaning fitting with my surrounding life right now. When you live alone everything you do is in your hands, if you mess up then you can't balme anyone but yourself.

    Technically this video was a bitch. I thought I'd try my hand at ripping a DVD, well it turns out that with my cpu that is a huge hassel. Windows 98 has file size restrictions and my cpu isn't fast enough to handle everything all the time. Ended exporting the video into 10 600mb files burning them on cd's and taking them to a win 2000 cpu. That was after 2 unsucessful days of networking the 2 cpu's and exporting it that way. I've never been so happy about completing a video.

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