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  • Member: rei29
  • Studio: Mercury Studios
  • Title: Where I Wanna Be
  • Premiered: 2002-04-20
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    • Lifehouse Breathing
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  • Comments: Well, for this video I decided to delve into the realm of one of my favorite animes, Fushigi Yugi. While watching the show, I wasenthralled by the character of Hotohori. I jst thought he was plain cool. Needless to say, I was /very/ disappointed when he didn't get Miaka and when he ended up getting killed by Nakago. So in an effort to give Hoto the respect he deserved, I decided to start on this video.

    It pretty much chronicles Hoto and Miaka's relationship throughout the series centering on the fact that Hotohori would have done anything just to even be able to be by Miaka's side.

    Again, there's alot of implied meaning in this video for me as it touches on some things that I was feeling at that time, and well, still am.

    All in all, this one took about one and a half to two months of off and on working to complete. I used dvd footage and edited everything in Premiere.

    I hope you enjoyed this birthday present, Becca-chan ^_^

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