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  • Member: Chiikaboom
  • Studio: Moon Goddess Studios
  • Title: Eternal Chronicle
  • Premiered: 2005-07-11
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    • Within Temptation Stand My Ground
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  • Comments: Yay a Kanna character profile.

    *-Warning, there may be spoilers from episodes 8 + 9 in this description-*

    This video is on Kanna's point of view, and the video starts off when she decides to go find her mother, so her bodyguard Ryuuya and friend (goody goody housewife in my opinion) decide to sneak her away from her caged home (pfft... a life curfew). This video is partially a test of new effects I had tried to do, and it came out pretty well. Some were random, I guess. During the first chorus, Kanna finally meets her mother, yet unfortunately, she gets shot down by arrows, and well, dies. Afterward, Kanna feels as though this is a dream, and she must leave in order for her friends to be safe, therefore, flying into the sky and well, getting shot down by arrows. This video also focuses a bit on Ryuuya as well, in how he must protect Kanna (until she dies...) in order for her to find her mother, who is indeed, dead.

    If you actually just downloaded the video, the clips at the end with Misuzu and the crow was an introduction that the curse of the winged race would continue, therefore, Eternal Chronicle. The text there (this time, fairly small) shows the mythical girl plot in which as Misuzu carries on the curse, her protector, Yukito, must try to stop it, so the nightmare Kanna is living would stop from the curse of the monks. If Yukito and Misuzu do not succeed, then there begins yet another time in which there is yet another attempt to free Kanna. Yeah, I hope you all are understanding what i'm getting at.

    Anyhow, to video explaination, I had to use fansubs because Air is not liscenced (unless I were to get the dvds) but the quality of the fansubs were not all that bad. Unfortunately, fansubs and my horribly picky program, causes a line that will distort the top half of the video. FORtunately, the two episodes I had used did not cause the line to cause horrible quality. As a matter of fact, when the video compressed, it turned out better than I thought, considering there is a lot of action in these certain episodes. My sister used some weird, complex overlapping procedure that I didn't really want to do, but if I ever get around to it, I will probably re-upload the video, without the line, or if I find a better compression technique.

    The song itself had to be downloaded, because I did not have the cd, but the download claimed it to have been from the cd, so yeah, I hope it was. The quality was pretty good, but because I could only use two episodes, I had to cut the song short, so I cut out the first chorus entirely and the segment afterwards, and replaced it with the second chorus onto the bridge. Surprisingly, when I played it through I could hardly tell. I hope my audience won't catch the cut as well... and if you can catch it, good for you :) Okay i'm just sounding weird here.

    Yeah, if you catched it before when I had the project message in my video profile saying my sister used the same song, you'll know I did not copy my sister, cause I wanted to use this song before she used it... so when she used it, I gave up. Then my OTHER sister goes making a LOTR vid (course it can't be posted cause LOTR is not an anime) so I decided, screw that, i'm making the vid I wanted to make. I'm actually glad I made it now, or the video might not have turned out as good as i'd hoped, considering I didn't know squat about proper compression back then, I might have stuck with my crappy old VE MPG codec that I used from videos like Connected (which was crap) to Devotion and Detestation (which, is also, crap). So, I saved the video as an avi, which was about 800 megs, and used TMPGEnc and compressed it into an mpg into around 67 mb. Not to bad eh?

    Anyways, I hope you enjoy the video. Opinions are appreciated... and umm... yeah, well I think that wraps it up. Enjoy!

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