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  • Member: Yoshikunai
  • Studio: Yoshikunai
  • Title: Bicycle
  • Premiered: not yet
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    • Queen Bicycle Race
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  • Comments: This is a video that has a fair amount of technical work: overlays, replication, resized video and carefully timed fades, flips, reversion, inversion. I've never seen anything anywhere else like the bicycle bell and chime fading. It also has an audio effect: I added an extra "Bicycle" to the beginning by raising the pitch of one of the others.

    It was submitted to the only AMV contest I've entered to date, FanimeCon 2001 (March/April), and I entered it into the Innovation / Techincal / Surreal category. All I heard about it was from ErMac's post to the AMV mailing-list. Here's the relevant excerpt:

    "Finally came Innovation/Technical/Surreal, which had William Milberry's Outlaw Star video (very very weird video, his works have been getting more out there IMO), a video done with Queen's Bicycle to Jubei-Chan, and my Closer to God Evangelion video. My video came perilously close to losing, because the Jubei Chan was done to Queen. That's the only reason I can think of. The video used the same damn video clips over and over and over, and lacked any serious 'technical' or 'innovative' merit, IMO. It should have been in Comedy."

    Hey, who doesn't like Queen?

    He does have a point, and I did get another feedback (very positive) from someone who suggested it would have done better in Comedy, but IMO there's a lot more to this video than ErMac's short quote acknowledges (ErMac was just recounting a con, of course, not giving a review). Nevertheless, I'm happy that my first submission DID do well against a video from a big name in AMV. Please let me know what *you* think!

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