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  • Member: ssj4lonewolf
  • Studio: Full Moon Productions
  • Title: Match the Nin with the Voice
  • Premiered: 2005-07-01
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    • Busta Rhymes Match the Name with the Voice
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  • Comments: A vid that was a finalist in the 2005 Anime Expo AMV Contest, this is my second amv ive ever made, but this is the first I've done with a professional program. I think i did ok. *srughs* The gem of this video to me isnt even really the video its self. The song origanlly wasnt censored. I did all the censoring myself by finding some random sounds off my rpg maker program on my computer. I had fun though and i look forward to doing somthing like this again.

    A few notes before i get creamed by your

    There are some subtitles...I tryed the best i could to get rid of them but i didnt really know how to at the time and it kinda ruins the effect of the vid its self
    There are 2 sets of clips that are repeated, the beginning part goes forward and If u look at the outro of the video it goes backwards, also the hook is repeated, thats just cuz at the time i thought it was good enough to be shown twice, and i ran completely out of ideas at that point, the damn dog was funny to me.

    If u can look past that, its an ok video i guess. With a lil more umph i can make this video better, but this is the quality of my first vid using a professional program, and this is kinda what has drawn me in even more to making amvs.

    Ok, bash away, and any op is a good op, and theres no way i can be mad at someone expressing they're feelings towards my vid, cuz everyone has there own style and what they see might be different from what i see.

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