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  • Member: JD_Lord1
  • Studio: Ball Girl Studios
  • Title: 1984
  • Premiered: 2005-07-03
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  • Song:
    • System of a Down 36
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  • Comments: I had a lot of fun making this video. It is short but to the point. If you havent watched Memories you probably should and if you havent read 1984 than you might not see the connection. I spent almost as much time finding a way to compress under 100mb even for such a short amv. I am still pretty unexperienced in the amv field and have a lot to learn about compressing, but this one technically is way better than my first. And besides, it actually has a meaning. I hope you enjoy it and maybe if you are nice enough ;) you could give an opinion and help me out or let me know if anything is wrong. Thanks.

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