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  • Member: ssjvackar
  • Title: The Saiyan Avenger
  • Premiered: 2005-07-02
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    • Nightwish She is my sin
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  • Comments: One day I was looking for some cool DBZ amvs to download, so I did a normal search and just about every single one I downloaded was absolute rubbish!! So I decided to make a proper DBZ amv to show the world the way itís meant to be done. I decided to use DBZ movie 5 for a number of reasons, but the main reason was that when I first watched it was in Chinese/Japanes (at the same time) with Japanese subtitles, so I had to guess what was going on for the non-fighting parts of the movie. When I watched the dubbed version I thought that it kinda sucked and the weird story that I had made up inmy head was better than the proper one, so I made this amv to retell the story the way I interpreted it.

    I started editing this video about a year ago, but had to put it on hold for work, uni etc. I continued with it 'on and off' for a good few months and then stopped editing altogether around January. I didnít really get another chance to work on it again until about a amonth ago, so I decided that I would finish it off, and now eventually after a total of 1 year of editing its finally ready.

    I spent a lot of time playing around with loads of effects and I have to say that what I eventually came up wit has NEVER been done before, Iím pretty sure that anyone who watches it will agree.


    Please when watching this amv do not take the text comments seriously, it meant to be a comdey amv.

    Also please do NOT download this amv if you suffer from any form of epilepsy, youíll drop dead instantly!!!

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