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  • Member: Cybergig1
  • Title: Spider-Ranma
  • Premiered: 2002-05-06
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    • Unknown Spiderman Trailer Music
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  • Comments: OK I had a BLAST doing this vid. Actually for as short as it is I put quite a bit of time in it. Originally this was my entry into Otakon. However turns out it was "accepted" but because its to a movie trailer it wouldn't "be fair to other contestants" Instead however they proposed letting me allow them to have it in their "dub theater" or whatever where they have fandubs etc. Also they stated there were quite a bit of trailer vids submitted this year so go fig.

    Anyways I hope you enjoy. This vid is about 2 minutes and meant to be semi serious/mainly funny as its a spoof of what is this years BEST movie so far! Please lemme know what you think :)

    Note*** its the vid all the way at the bottom of the page the link goes to, feel free to d/l my other vids and review them here if you have the time, Arigato!!!

    Turns out the original encode ROYALLY screwed, I shoulda checked it but I was downsizing to save space and ended up messing the timing/sound. I've just uploaded a new version so if you downloaded on the 6th please update with this ASF file the divx is corrupt thanks! and thanks to the first reviewer who indirectly helped me find the prob!!

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