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  • Member: bum
  • Title: Hold
  • Premiered: 2005-06-23
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    • Elliot Goldenthal Red Alert
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    First off, if you havent seen haibane renmie and are planing to watch it then be warned
    that this vid contains alot of spoilers in a short amount of space.

    God, I started this vid so long ago. Mid last november I think. It was after having a chat
    with AluminumStudios and him saying something I cant remember which made me wana make a
    haibane anime. Then I listened to a couple of tracks before coming ot this. Editing was a
    relatively slow process. Over a month I got about the first half done. It was just something I didnt realy enjoy editing, so I edited it slowly. The strange, slow music didnt realy give off much "feeling". Originaly that halfwas pure landscape, an idea I've bein toying with since I started blue outline. After geting Poetic Kaos to do a beta I decided to add more scenes with actual charcters. The second half of the vid (which i didnt start till 2-3 months after finishing the first half) was thankfully alot easier and less stressful to edit due to its more linear structure. Its during this section I started to realise that I needed to do alot of tweaking after I'd had a complet beta done. Scene placement was a bit rough at first and I spent alot of time moving around and changing scenes afterwards. I tried to have each section (the second half of the music is divided into roughly 3 sections) significantly more intence than the last. One problem I faced during tweaking was the lack of scenes. I was doing alot of fast cuts and their was little usable footage (if any) which was left out. I did have to make a few shortcuts to take care of the lack of scenes, but I managed to get them edited well enough so they fit properly without looking cheap. This vid was a long journey from start to finish and thank god its over. Sure some things still bug me, but overall I'm happy the way its turned out and that I've finaly finished it.

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