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  • Member: ShonenDizzyCow
  • Studio: Shonen Productions
  • Title: The Final Wanderers
  • Premiered: 2002-05-02
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    • U2 | Johnny Cash The Wanderer
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  • Comments: “Brothers and Sisters,

    Once upon a time, there is the story of a rich girl, a poor boy and a few others who decided to ‘walk the earth’ in search of the meaning of life, love, experience, religion and wisdom.

    Monkey boy, fighter-thief, naturally loved two things most of all, his lifelong desire for adventure and travel and his love for the princess. Eventually he made the hard decision to leave her than squander his dream, even if it meant it would break both their hearts.

    He traveled far and beyond and met many dangers but also unspeakable beauty. He also met many interesting and strange characters along the way and experienced more than he possibly could’ve imagined.

    Many months passed and then one day he realized that he had traveled halfway around the world only to find what his heart really wanted was her and so he came back for the princess so he could convince her to join him on his adventures and journey together, since he has now done a lot of leveling up and could now protect her and they could live happily ever after on the road……(besides he could always do with a magic user in his party). :P

    This is their story……..”

    The video:
    If I had to sum this video up, it would be a “Semi-religious/Drama/Dark comedy/Romance FF video”.

    A pretty unusual video as far as Final Fantasy music videos are concerned. People who are jaded with too much ‘usual’ Final Fantasy videos’ probably do not want to miss this one. However FF fans too should check this one out as well - you might just enjoy it; and I would certainly like to hear how it plays out.

    The editing here is deliberately different from my other normal videos. It is important not to over-edit and allow for the pace of the mood and the song. I kinda like it. Again there are a lot of times when I make the footage ‘move’ to the music, even on the longer cuts - keep an eye out. I personally enjoy the polished or smooth feel of the video.

    This video was made almost in reaction to making Evangelion Opus. I waned to take a completely different style and scope to prove to myself that I can still take a step back and make videos that are is direct, patient and honest in its presentation, and still make it enjoyable.

    Note: Just in case, don’t take any religious references to anywhere beyond this video (esp. to the creator). There is no relation. ^_^

    The Concept/Making:
    I tried to create a FF video that’s creatively different in story and presentation – it’s my own interpretation based on the characters and the song used. Experimental animation effects were devised to help tell the story. And I also used a never-before used song as far as AMV song goes.

    The video tells an original story I first imagined in my head and later written out, so it’s completely original, inspired by the characters, footage available and the song.

    This is not your typical FF9 video. That means don’t expect the story to follow the story of FF9 to the bone. This video makes the footage match the song, rather than the conventional method of finding a song to match the show. There’s a higher level of humor and drama working on this video as well. I hope you enjoy them.

    I’m not sure if non-U2 fans even heard of this song before. It’s a great and intelligent song performed by the worldly-wise Johnny Cash with some soulful crooning backing vocals by Bono. The nature of the song lyrics lifts FF9 to another world and place. This is NOT a Johnny Cash song, both music and words were written by U2, who then invited Cash to perform it for their album.

    Effects Note: If you wondered about all those traveling path effects to indicate the character’s travels, these FX were all made in-house using _only _ Premiere, using a rather complicated (at least for me ^_^) combination of about 5 effects/transitions (it differs for each instance), and custom created graphics which took me a while to figure out, so I suppose I’m going to check the ‘digital effects’ box so they can be rated. Also a little time is spent on making sure the video quality was as good as can be, PSX FMV-wise.

    Lyrics in my videos are always fully utilized, so here are the lyrics in the video:

    I went out walking
    Through the streets paved with gold
    Lifted some stones
    Saw the skin and bones
    Of a city without a soul

    I went out walking
    Under an atomic sky
    Where the ground won’t turn
    And the rain it burns
    Like the tears when I said goodbye

    Yeah I went with nothing
    Nothing but the thought of you
    I went wandering……

    I went drifting
    Through the capitals of tin
    Where men can’t walk
    Or freely talk
    And sons turn their fathers in

    I stopped outside a church house
    Where the citizens like to sit.
    They say they want the kingdom
    But they don’t want
    God in it

    I went out riding
    Down that old eight lane
    I passed by a thousand signs
    Looking for my own name

    I went with nothing
    But the thought you’ll be there too
    Looking for you

    I went out there
    In search of experience
    To taste and to touch
    And to feel as much
    As a man can
    Before he repents

    Oooohhh. Oohhhh.(Bono)

    Take care and keep the faith.

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