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  • Member: VicBond007
  • Studio: VicBond007 Productions
  • Title: Requiem for Excel
  • Premiered: 2002-04-29
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  • Song:
    • Clint Mansell Summer Overture
  • Anime:
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    The anime: Excel Saga. The zaniest, kookiest, craziest anime ever released.
    The music: Summer Overture. The theme from Requiem for a Dream. Quite possibly the most emotionally powerful movie ever.


    Well I decided to test my abilities and see if I could take a downright comedy and make it look like a heartfelt drama. Did I succeed? I hope so.

    Effect wise this video is pathetic compared to my other videos, but a lot of people have said I go overboard so maybe this is for the better. The only real effect is the faded colors, the usual fade to blacks, and the addition of film dust (no that wasn't in the source. My source is SEX-AY)

    If you haven't seen Excel Saga yet, be forwarned that this video has plot spoilers that will BLOW YOUR FREAKIN' MIND so please, watch with caution, and keep a tissue box nearby.

    If you have seen Requiem for a Dream, then I can imagine that this video will have a lot more impact on you, although it can be enjoyed(?) by everyone.

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