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  • Member: celibi87
  • Studio: Shadow-Star Productions
  • Title: Dragon ball z-Vegetas pain
  • Premiered: 2005-06-19
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    • Iron Maiden Run to the hills
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  • Comments: This amv took me a little while to put together. The song was picked due to the fact that vegetas race was hunted down to extinction by vegeta, but this amv is focused around vegetas strive to become a super sayain and teh big defeat he expereinced at the hands of android 18. The reason why i didnt pick freiza to be in this amv, even though he would have been a better choice with the song, was that 1. i didnt have enough clips of him 2. vegeta strived to become the strongest being in the universe and when he finnaly became one he had a huge downfall at the hands of somebody he considered to be inferior since he acheived his goal. The song was a pick becauase it is centered around how the native amercians felt as they reached their peak but was crushed down when the english came into their lives. This is exatly how vegeta felt when he reached super saiyan and took on the androids. he was crushed without any problems and it hit his pride of all things. Anyways ima stop rambling now and let you watch the vid. Please leave an opinion if you can :D

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