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  • Member: Kerydwenn
  • Studio: Paradigma
  • Title: The Darkness Within...
  • Premiered: 2002-04-28
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  • Song:
    • Gary Numan Dark
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  • Comments: My first AMV. Be critical - a lot. One too often - and too quickly - tends to become proud with a work just because she's worked on it for days. Crush my pitiful little illusions, so that I can improve myself... and edit this one if really there are too many problems with it ;)

    - The Story -

    A friend of mine recently gave me back my Dark City OST - which features this song by Gary Numan. It's kinda old 80's stuff, but listening to the song gave me the main ideas for this video.

    It is about the darkness that lies within every soul - the darkness, and the fear of the 'Other' that hides inside of us. Doubts, fears, and the agonized, everlasting question - who am I *really*?

    This is what "Perfect Blue" made me think of, the first time I had seen the movie in theatre. It's all about perceptions - Mima's, the Stalker's, the Other's, whose true identity isn't revealed until the end... and even when the movie ends, you're still not sure whether it all was a nightmare, or a part of real life that fell into nightmare, or madness...

    *** SPOILERS ***

    The general mood of this video was initiated by the very last sequence of the movie - the one where Mima enters her car, looks at her face in the rear view mirror, and gives herself a somewhat *very* nasty smile, as if from the beginning, SHE had directed the whole scenario. Was she driven to madness by Rumi? By herself? Or was she already this way before, playing a seemingly innocent role while in fact she'd taken a more important part in it? I never exactly knew, and I'm pretty sure that even if I watch the movie a couple of times again, doubt will still remain.

    Numan's lyrics also reminded me of the way "the Other Mima" and Me-Mania were reacting... being convinced that the only Mima who deserved to exist was the leader of the Chams, and certainly not the "new" Mima, the one that accepted to pose nude and play hard scenes in movies. As if they were the only ones to have a right to decide of what her existence would be, and finally... to get rid of her because she didn't match their expectancies.

    Getting rid of the people that had "pushed" her into this dark side of the scene's world, also, was part of this playing-God matter, to me - "They dirtied her image, so we'll kill them, and she'll be saved". Playing God, shaping a new existence for Mima, an existence that would be clean and innocent again, just as it was when she simply was an idol.

    Bringing the childish (and also cruel) part to the light again, while kicking back and burying adulthood in darkness...

    - Technical notes -

    It's my first use of Premiere, and I'm keeping digital effects for when I'll be more at ease with the software. I've tried to obtain lip sync when it was really too obvious that a lack of sync would make the scene look odd... but it's far from being perfect yet...

    There are a few parts, I think, where I should maybe have tried to introduce some crossing/fading effects - especially on "faces superpositions"... but it was about 3 weeks I was working on the video, and I kinda felt it was the moment to stop - and I know what it is to spoil artwork because one doesn't realize she's had her nose on it way too long. As said, I'm willingly ready to re-edit it, so every advice will be welcome.

    There's nothing much to say about my system (a poor Duron 600 MHz, not even overclocked... the only concession I've made to my bank account being 384 Mo RAM and 100 Gb hard-drives). I regrettedly admit that the footage used was mpeg source *ashamed*. Flails me with noodles for this, if you want.

    - The Lyrics -

    ((I've been told that Numan kinda eats his words when singing... umm, yes, after 3 weeks spent on his song there was no way I would notice THAT, but once it's been mentioned to me...))


    I've Been Waiting Here
    Waiting For Faith
    And The Word To Fall
    Now The Darkness Comes
    And I'll Pray For
    The End Of Us All

    Don't Let The Dark Into Me
    We Killed The Angels That Warned Us Of
    Don't Let The Dark Into Me
    We Raised The Tower Of Babel For You
    Don't Let The Dark Into Me
    We Let The Children Build Temples For You
    Don't Let The Dark Into Me
    Don't Let The Vengeance Of Heaven Be You

    So Pray To Me I'm The Lords New Disease
    Look Down Into The Face Of God
    Bow Down And Cry I'm The Black Messiah
    The One True Divinity
    Kneel Before My Alter And Drink The Wine
    Of Slaughter
    Who Said I'd Save Anyone
    So Bleed For Me I Need Hostility
    To Lead The Faithful And The Blind

    Don't Let The Light Shine On Me
    I Am The Poison That Feeds Life To You
    Don't Let The Light Shine On Me
    I Am The Demon That Waits Inside You
    Don't Let The Light Shine On Me
    I Am The Ghost That Reminds Death Of You
    Don't Let The Light Shine On Me
    I Am The Darkness That Crawls Into You

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