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  • Member: merrow
  • Studio: RandomFandom Studio
  • Title: Fool for Love
  • Premiered: 2002-04-21
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  • Song:
    • Cardigans Love Fool
  • Anime:
  • Comments: I happened to hear this song on the radio shortly after I saw episode 22 of Fruits Basket for the first time. It seemed to fit so well with the "Princess Club" fangirl motives that I just had to put them together.
    It took about two weeks to complete this video. Though I left the "Lip Sync" button unchecked I did attempt some lip sync in this video. In about a years time this series should be out on DVD in the US. At that time I plan to re-make the video so I decided not to bother lip syncing it now. What I did do was go through parts where I didn't want any mouth movement and edit them out, at times exporting portions of the vid to individual frames and editing them to make it look like they weren't talking. I'm particularly proud of the scene where Motoko looks at herself through the viewfinder as I managed to make it look like she wasn't talking and keep her hair moving and the "scanline pulse" of the video editing in. So for right now, when you see mouth movement...thats where I plan to have lip sync later on.

    The .rm is hosted on my webspace and will be the easiest to download. The .avi is on my personal ftp, speeds and availablity will vary.

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