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  • Member: Tono_Fyr
  • Studio: Shining Dragon Productions
  • Title: Have I Found A Way?
  • Premiered: 2005-06-20
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    • REM At My Most Beautiful
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  • Comments: Oh I have SO much to say on this one... If you plan on reading this, go grab a coke (or soda or pop, depending on your region or preference), and sit back... this could be a little while.

    First off, I made this video for my best friend's birthday. In case you're wondering, yes, my best friend is a female, and I'm a male. Also, in case you're wondering, I want to date her.

    I first started thinking on this project back in early March, and it actually started comming to me while I was listening to "Unforgiven 2" by Metallica. Originally, it was going to be very angsty and such. I was listening to a lesser used 3 Doors Down song called "So I Need You?" when the idea hit me to make it a Romance video with a lot of angst, naming it "Love Sick". I started planning on it (*Gasp*), thinking on scene selection and such, deciding what could go where (also, originally, this was going to be a bit more extravagent, more masks, more lip synching, more anime, etc). Well, one night, I was listening to the radio, and the song "Wonderwall" by Oasis came on. Immediately, I thought "Holy crap! That could work better... and I could make it her birthday present, too!" And that was when I decided to try and find the CD with Wonderwall on it. Well, not too long after that, I went to Atlanta for a Future Business Leaders of America convention/meeting thing. Well, there was a small mall attached to the hotel, so I decided to go music hunting. There was ONE music store there, and they didn't have the CD. So, I just kinda kept looking around, and eventually, I found the REM "Best of" CD. I grabbed it, instead. Well, I listened to it once through, then, when I got to track seventeen, I got that, "Holy crap, this is the song I'm going to use" feeling.

    Then, I got home. About as soon as I got home, I decided several things, the first of which being that I would use Tsukihime, as my friend looks a pretty good bit like Arcueid and I look a little like Shiki Tohno. I also made the decision to encode the source files in Huffyuv to 856 x 480. And, that's when I started. I banged out the first thirty seconds or so, then all of the first chorus and maybe a little less than half of the first verse. Then, I ran out of footage. I completely restarted, retooling things like scene length (previously, I had scenes that were less than fifteen frames in length), lip synch length, and synch methods. I had tried shortening the song length, too, though it hadn't worked at all, so I just gave up on that.

    Well, as her birthday approached, I began to work harder on the video, with more of a feeling of "I want to get this done, for her." So, I managed to bang out a bit of lyrical synch in the second chorus and burned straight into the second verse. About half way through the second verse, I hit another bit of editors block, and rendered a beta to share around to people. The biggest complaint I was getting was on the lip synch scene that was too long. As you see it now is very different from how it actually was. It was long, and it was very wooden looking, the only thing that was moving at all were the lips. Honestly, it was hard to watch. Well, the girl I made it for LOVED it, so I didn't want to throw it out, so I decided to go through and put scenes in the background. I went about this in what may or may not be a standard method. I made what needed to be made, then I went in and masked the lip synchs over it. While I was doing that, though, something was being weird with my computer, and it would shut down randomly at strange intervals (I don't know how or why, if anyone does, please, tell me). I had to get creative with the lyrical synch at points, even bringing in RahXephon twice (if you can spot where, I'll give you an ASCII cookie), even putting some of my own poetry (which was written for her) in there at "Bad poetry". The masking was a pain, as I said earlier, because AE kept crashing. I ended up using the extremely basic masking tool in Vegas *cough* for the scene where his lips were actually moving. I noticed a small problem in the final render after deleting the project files and the sources, nothing I can do about it now, but I don't plan on pointing it out any further.

    A small word on the creative ideas working behind this project. Mostly my own feelings found their way into the lip synch scenes, and that's why I feel they're so appropriate. It's hard to say exactly what inspired this video, as there were a lot of factors that lead to what we have here. One thing was that, after watching four or five good Tsukihime videos, I noticed that all of them were dark, full of horror, action, and/or death and sadness. I wanted to stand out from the crowd with this one, bringing out the light of the series. For anyone who hasn't seen it, I suggest it highly. Lunar Legend Tsukihime. It's a great show. Also, one reason behind the lip synch was, as this IS a gift to the girl I'm in love with (or hold great love for, if that's how you want to look at it), I had certain things I wanted to say to her. So, I used the lip synch as a method to get those messages across. Worked out well, if you ask me.

    Special thanks:
    Juli, the girl who inspired me to make this video. A happy seventeenth birthday to her, of course ^.^
    My Beta testers (you guys know who you are, and there's an awful lot of you...)
    REM, for being awesome musicians.
    My friends who've put up with me while I jawed about this video for the three to four months I've worked on it.
    Scintilla, for helping with an Mpeg2 version.

    Technical Aspects:
    640 x 352, XviD Two pass at 1270~ Kbps
    256 Kbps MPeg layer 3 audio

    All right, I'm done talking, go watch. If anyone wants me to post the lyrics (I shouldn't need to, the song is slow, and well said), PM me on the Org's forum and I'll put them up.

    By the way - one last thing - I know the title cards are off SHUT UP ABOUT IT ALREADY. It's not that big of a problem.

    Finalist at Archon 29. W00t. Here's to seeing if I can be the first contest winner amongst us at Shining Dragon Productions.

    Mpeg1 version now available.
    Excessively high quality version now available (856x480 XviD, and I can't remember if I compressed the audio on this one or not)

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